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"Perhaps there is an absolute necessity in acknowledging what is past to allow the brand-new necessary, being percipient and current towards what is to come. I allow my jewellery to become structure for the past where it is accepted for what it is, relaxed in the present.
A big concern in my work is the ability for objects to hold their own truths. Can a thing carry and convey something that makes movement possible?
It is beautiful with things that can be kept over a long time. Where time can be measured thru its wear.

I try to visualize leftovers of my past thru working directly in the materials, without any visual aid. In my practical work I sometimes use a dentist´s drill. I’m calm with its sound; Peculiar to listen for a thousand hours to a little screaming pig. A meticulous ponder, an ocular engagement, together with memories of folk concerning the shapes. In thoughts of the heroic, in floral splendor, glass and forgiveness. And on the moon.

The work treats a wish to devote to things a rightful amount of time to be accomplished or destroyed. "

Mikael Sellersjö

söndag 14 april 2013

Two drawings 2013, pen on paper, 297x420

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